Version 1.0.8

March 24, 2022


  • Owner profile page

  • Live chat between owner and customer via Tawkto chatbox

  • Soft delete for all services in admin dashboard

  • Quick tool to update status listings of services

  • Add "Description" field in user profile page


  • Date of tour in booking form

  • Translation for calendar

  • Email to admin/user when create new account


  • Can not click to next/previous button on calendar in booking form

  • Slick slider error with RTL layout

  • Dashboard layout responsive

  • Checkbox/Radio not display in Firefox

  • List room pagination dashboard

  • Draft/Pending service has been shown on frontend

  • Some text can not translate

  • Admin can not create new account

Version 1.0.7

October 22, 2021


  • Booking invoice

  • Partner info in service detail page

  • Import/Export ical calendar

  • New fields allow insert custom code to header and footer

  • Add "Description" field in user profile page


  • Update Custom Price/Availability calendar in dashboard page

  • Update send email function

  • Email your partner when they sign up for an account


  • Link to terms and condition page

  • Feature label always show in the single service page

  • Error when apply coupon in checkout page

  • Fixed an error of checking room availability when adding to cart

Version 1.0.6

July 12, 2021


  • SEO option for site


  • External booking link for all services

  • Add heading settings option for footer column

  • Optimize UI


  • Wishlist feature

  • Tour external link not show

  • Editor not working

  • Adding list item not working

  • Copyright text in footer not change

  • Cannot run artisan command

  • Wishlist icon in single page when non-login

  • Description of Tour Include/Exclude not showing

  • Review has been show all in partner review page

  • Search apartment is not showing all items

  • Term data not show in partner dashboard

Version 1.0.5

June 07, 2021


  • Add items to Wishlist

  • Login/Register Popup

  • Sort items in the search page


  • List/Grid layout in the search page

  • Quick tools in manage service table

Version 1.0.4

May 29, 2021


  • Beauty Service

  • Tour Service

  • FontAwesome Picker Integration


  • Improve UX in Admin Dashboard

  • Option Queue Mail when sending email

  • Improve media upload handler


  • Datepicker in single Apartment

  • Permalink preview button in new service screen

Version 1.0.3

Mar 29, 2021


  • Space service


  • Update booking type by night for Apartment service

Version 1.0.2

Mar 29, 2021


  • Hotel service

  • GDPR cookies notification


  • Hierarchy for categories

  • Optimize list item field settings

  • Allow choose image from library for editor field

  • Add html language for site


  • Scrollbar search page on mobile

Version 1.0.1

Feb 18, 2021


  • Right to left layout

  • Topbar on frontend

  • Plugins management

  • New payment gateways: Authorize.Net, BlueSnap, Braintree, Securionpay, Skrill, Submit Form(Offline payment)


  • Link "Become to partner" in customer profile screen

  • Move "Import Data" and "Email Checker" to "Tools" menu

  • Update function in review page of partner


  • Language dropdown

Version 1.0.0

  • Apartment service

  • Car service

  • Half map search (Mapbox)

  • Powerful admin/partner/customer dashboard

  • Bank Transfer, Paypal and Stripe payment gateways

  • Fully responsive

  • Quick installation

  • Multi language

  • Multi currency

  • Social login

  • and much more...

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