Control configuration settings for the site

General Settings

This Settings General Screen is the default Screen in the Settings Administration Screen and controls some of the most basic configuration settings for your site: your site’s title and description, logo, and styling

General tab

  • Site name

  • Site Description

  • Admin User - main admin accounts

  • Logo - the logo of the website

  • Favicon - recommended size 200 x 200

  • Logo dashboard - the logo of the dashboard

Styling tab

  • Primary color setting - change the primary color on the buttons and links of your website

  • Custom CSS

Page Settings

Install the elements displayed on the homepage, blog, and other templates

  • Visit page - link to the page


  • Slider - images carousel on the homepage

  • Text on slider - Fixed text on slider

  • List Destinations

  • Testimonial


  • Feature Image On Blog Page - Image display page header


Configure contact information such as an address, phone number, email...

  • Latitude

  • Longitude

You need to enter your location on the map so it can be displayed. You can get it on google maps.


Currency, tax, commission, and payment settings


Configure services on the website such as apartments, cars

Hotel, Apartments, Car, Space, Tour, Beauty

Configuration for apartment page, and car page.

  • Enable - on/off service

  • Need Approve to Publish

  • Search Radius - search radius in kilometers from the location

  • Search Number Items - Number items display per page

  • Slider

  • List Destinations

  • Testimonial


Turn on/off the configuration of the reviews


Configure menu display in the footer, copyright, and social network link


Logo Email - choose avatar when sending email


Set language, date and time and login via Facebook and Google accounts

  • Site Language - Select the main language of the site

  • Multi-Language - Enable or disable multilingual

  • Date Format - Refer here

  • Time Format - Refer here

  • Time Type

  • Unit Of Measure

  • Mapbox Token - required for the map to work. Get it on

Social Login

  • Facebook login

  • Google Login

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